Indie Action


Characters from independent games face off



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Indie Action is a two-dimensional fighting game along the lines of Super Smash Bros, where you can play as one of various characters from some of the most famous independent titles out there - and fight against the others.

Available characters include the heroes of: The Dishwasher, Aquaria, Iji, Barkley: Shut Up, and Jam or Trilby: The Art of Theft. Each can perform their own special moves, which range from shooting a basketball to shooting a shotgun.

Indie Action has several different playing modes, so you can fight melee-style, in teams, two-player, or four-player, all on the same screen. And you'll have more than a dozen different levels to fight in.

We should point out that all of the characters were designed especially for this game, and all of them are excellently animated.

Indie Action is a great two-dimensional fighting game that tries to fill a big hole in PC gaming: Super Smash Bros-style action games.
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